Foreign Media Monitor

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Annual subscription to NK News + year of Foreign Media Monitor briefings + Free wall calendar

LIMITED OFFER: The Foreign Media Monitor is normally only reserved for NK Pro subscribers, but by taking advantage of this time limited offer you can get exclusive access.

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Product Description

Keeping up to date with the full range of news, analysis and research on North Korea being published every day takes at least two hours of dedicated work, without even considering what’s being covered in the non-English domain.

It also requires luck, for often the DPRK’s own news portals are down or otherwise inaccessible. And when they are online, searching North Korean sites is next to impossible, with archives routinely erased or altered to suit emerging historical narratives.

But with the Foreign Media Monitor, not only can you stay up to date with the issues you care most about in seconds, you’ll also get access to translated foreign media monitoring, an always-on way to view official DPRK media, and access to the most advanced searching systems to deal with the DPRK in the world.


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