Will I get my order by Christmas?

All products are shipped from PA, United States of America. Shipping takes place usually within 1-2 days of your order.

  • For domestic U.S. orders, you can order and have high-certainty of Xmas delivery by December 19, 2016.
  • For international orders, you should order by December 7, 2016.

Dates calculated from USPS international holiday shipping calendar.

Where are the products manufactured?

All of the custom NK News products are manufactured to the highest standards in U.S. factories.

Aren’t these products ‘pro-North Korea’?

None of our products in anyway praise the leadership or political system of the DPRK.

Instead, our designs focus on artistic interpretations of well-known landmarks and popular brands / items within the DPRK.

As such, we reject any products are in anyway supportive of the DPRK political system or ideology.

Do you take bulk orders?

We are happy to take bulk orders on any of our products. Please send your inquiry to us here.

What are profits from these products used for?

All profits from the sale of shop products are reinvested 100% into independent North Korea-focused journalism.

Do I have to pay import / customs fees?

Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country's government. Duties and taxes are imposed to generate revenue, protect local industries against foreign competition or both. The duties and taxes normally must be paid before the goods are released from customs.

Customers are responsible for all importation / customs fees on all orders from this shop website. Find out more here.